About the bike?

Pedalling in this morning my mind was off wandering as it does when I’m cycling and I was thinking about motivation, focus and goals.

I know I’ve said it before, but my main aim of weight loss and fitness does get lost in an ever increasing obsession about all things bikey. Occasionally you need someone to give you a huge boot up the arse and on this particular occasion I can thank Emma who you can find here.

I don’t think she’s aware she’s done that, but her Wikki she has created has made me take stock and do a bit of re-evalutation of where I’m at and what I’m doing.

I have been of late getting a bit carefree with the grub and beer, to the extent that I’m dreading my weigh in on Friday. But whatever will be will be. It’s all a bit late now to alter the Friday truth session.

I am getting fitter and fitter though, last nights pedal was I think my first sub 40 minute ride home. So am I meant to be concentrating on improving my pedalling or using my pedalling to lose weight? Or do the two things have to be mutually exclusive?

I have decided that the goal is weight loss, not cycling. Don’t get me wrong, I love cycling, I always have from a very young age. I am a complete bike geek with the usual “ooohh, shiny kit” thing going on. I’m pretty good with the spanners and can completely take apart and reassemble a bike (which works at the end too) so you can see how focus on the aim of weight loss is pretty hard for me.

But the wandering mind and serene state that cycling produces (along with Emma’s wikki) has set me straight.


With the bikes help.

Still not looking forward to Friday though…


6 responses to “About the bike?

  1. Got to say Clive a great motivational idea, I know from the Sept 100 etc how much it encourages me to get out on my bike.

    Good luck mate you have done really well so far this is also a great way of giving you a goal to achieve.

  2. I have to say I enjoy the cycling but the underlying fact is I get on the bike because it’s my only form of exercise. I use it to burn calories. The by product can be enjoyment but sometimes on my commute it can be far from that. I must admit though, my bikes cost me a monthly amount so the motivation is to get riding as every mile I do on them instead of in the car, they are being paid for.

  3. Cheers Bear, I’ll take whatever works, been a bit slack lately, I know I’ve had holidays and stuff and done a couple of 100 milers, but I have taken my eye off the ball lately, bad skills…

  4. Just remember folks – the calorie stuff on your Garmin is utter bollocks so don’t think you’ve used 1,000 calories on your journey in, so you can eat 1,000 calories 🙂

    Also remember you need to burn 3,600 calories to burn 1lb of fat (i think). For a moderate cycle over 40 minutes, a 200lb person would burn around 500 calories.

    And for those that are really struggling for motivation – there’s always Gaz’s website!

    Good Luck Clive.
    May the forks (not) be with you.

  5. CC – You have a way of getting right to the matter. I’m also on a monthly schedule and my ticker will move in the wrong direction Friday for most of the same reasons. I’m riding faster, farther and stronger than ever, but the spare tire around my mid section doesn’t seem to care about that if I keep feeding it. Time for some adjustments…

    Thanks for the link to Emma’s wiki. Looks like she’s got some good ideas there.

  6. Yes Clive, thanks very much for highlighting the link to Emma’s wiki, I’ve sent in my plea to join, I’ve been too long in the place I’m in at the moment, I need to make some strides, sorry wheelspins towards my goal. To use your language, I’ve lost sight of the ball, I need to get back on the ball/bike with some purpose. Cheers pal.

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