False start

Up normal time, got my road bike out with the intention of going in via the City Centre route, all good. I was just coming up to the traffic lights by the entrance to Rubery Great Park when I hit a massive pot hole, I just didn’t see it as it was in a shadow cast by a tree. Straight away both tyres went flat, 2 pinch punctures! Marvelous!

Every commuter I imagine is like me, in that they know every hole, every crack and every bump on their particular route. That pot hole was a new one.

Anyway aborted route below as a JPG rather than the details.

So a walk back home and get on my Ridgeback then. I really hate that, the temptation to get in the car is huge! But I didn’t succumb  to wimpyness and cracked on.

After an adjust of the Garmin to the Ridgeback settings I was off. My chosen route that of NCR 5 and the Birmingham and Worcester Canal.

Dawn was just breaking as I was now later than usual, there was low lying mist in the River Rea and there was a glorious red sky to watch.

Have a look at that below, sunrise over NCR 5. Taken in Kings Norton Park at about 0635hrs. Not a great shot but it’s ok for an iPhone.

It was brilliant being back down the cut, very peaceful as usual and I was having fun. A nice way to start the day.

I’ve done a bit of very brief analysis from the Garmin stats of my performance on the Road bike v the Ridgeback and the results are a surprise!


My HR isn’t in the fat burning zone for very long at all. It seems the road bike is giving me a better work out even though it’s lighter and better for pedalling, who’da thunk it?

I set up a course and a virtual opponent for me last night and I raced home via the QE and the Beeches and I beat my best time recorded on the Garmin by a whole 5 minutes! Just shows what a bit of competition does! I was lucky with the traffic lights though…


7 responses to “False start

  1. I’m still completely unconvinsed about the ‘fat burning zone’.

    I know that when I do a time trial / a hard ride i’m not in the fat burning zone yet i’m normally raiding the fridge as soon as I get home and i’m starving the next day.

    Whereas if I do a long but easy ride because I have to keep eating all the way around I never normally want anything to eat after the ride.

  2. Love that pic of the sunrise. You took that around about the time I was just making my breakfast lol.

    Must have been a seriously shitty pothole to get a puncture in both wheels.

  3. @ KFC, Tell you what mate, it bloody didn’t half jar my neck and shoulders when it hit. Road bike tyres and wheels have no chance with an impact like that.

    Dunno if my MTB would have cracked on though.

    I’m quite pleased with that pic actually, my photography/videoing is still a work in progress.

    @Red, Sucker for stats me mate, must be the rugby coach in me!

  4. No wimpiness! Way to resist the car. Nice pic of the sunrise too.

    I’m pretty familiar with all the bumps and cracks on my routes too. I almost bought it this morning because I wasn’t paying attention (because I was in a smooth area) while eating a banana. I was giving my banana the attention it deserved with one hand on the bars when I felt a big bump as I ran over a piece of wood that had fallen off a truck or something. Luckily I didn’t go down.

  5. Glad you stayed upright Bryan!

  6. Clive that is a great picture mate, that is shit getting two pinch punctures still could have been worse come of your bike and done yourself some damage matey

  7. Where’s this fat burning zone, I haven’t got one on my route? You’re right, I tend to know the pothole locations, off by heart, but what I’m on the constant watch for, is glass. Sad to say, but there seems to be alot of mean-minded people, who relish smashing bottles, on cyclepaths, in my part of the world. Great pic, but it appears that “red sky in morning……….”, proved right it’s bucketing down here! Nice post.

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