Tuesday same old same old…

Nothing to report pedal wise, standard Beeches Harbourne sprint in with no assassination attempts. It’s pretty warm, I’m still in T Shirt, shorts and mitts which is nice.

Last nights pedal was via The QE and Bristol Road. The Selly Oak By – Pass is still under construction and the bit from the new QE Hospital to the Northfield side of Selly Oak is now open. I think the consequences haven’t been thought through properly, it’s absolute carnage from the new island to the big Bristol Road traffic lights, I dread to think what it’ll be like when the whole route is open and you’ve got the rush hour commuters trying to get through from the City Centre. The footage below is taken at about 1520hrs. Which is is approximately 2 hours before the proper rush is at it’s height! Obviously no problem for me and my bike, but bloody hell!

I took Fay to her first night at Air Cadets last night. She had to parade in smartly pressed school uniform and polished shoes. She came running out afterwards absolutely bouncing with excitement, armed with a ruck of stuff they’ll be doing in the future. She’ll get her uniform in about 6 weeks after she has passed a series of tests. The 10 minutes I gave her on Sunday afternoon on basic drill movements came in handy last night as the words of command and required movements didn’t ambush her too much. I can’t wait to see her in her uniform, even if it is a f&^%$ing  RAF one!


2 responses to “Tuesday same old same old…

  1. For some reason all the traffic lights were out / off this morning on my way to work. It was irronically the first morning in months i’ve been able to drive to work without getting held up in a queue somewhere!

  2. Clive your video brings deep joy to this old Bear watching you sail through the traffic 🙂

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