Commute in.

After a pretty bad weekend, getting back on the bike was a relief, I haven’t had any more pains in the chest since the maybe imaginary ones of Sunday morning.

Yesterday’s coaching session at Bees went very well I thought the lads all seemed to take stuff from it and I tested myself with taking part in a bit of the rough stuff during the practice game. I did a bit of running around, did a bit of contact and took a few knocks. Which was good fun. Being old and knackered you forget just how much you used to enjoy the physical boshing element of the game.

Due to the rugby yesterday I’m a bit achey today but in a good way that I used to enjoy after a game. The pedal in today was fine, I was out of the saddle over Frankley Beeches and into Harbourne.

Looking forward to a good week of commuting now. I have no meetings scheduled so far so maybe I might be on for a whole 5 days worth.


7 responses to “Commute in.

  1. Whoop!
    5 days!!

    As for your imaginary chest pains… Keep a mental note mate – may come in handy at a later date.

    Glad your feeling OK though.

  2. My son (age 9) love playing Football (USA style) and Lacrosse. He told me recently… “Dad I was made for rough sports!” He enjoys knocking heads with the other kids while it’s all perfectly legitimate. No scolding like he gets at home knocking his little brother around!

  3. Boys should be doing this stuff, it’s what they were put on Earth to do. It also helps them concentrate in an academic environment afterwards too.

    Half hour rough stuff, half hour book work is the way forward for lads.

    I had (have) a little brother too so I can sympathise with your 9 year old. Only problem is my “little” brother overtook me size wise at about 15 years old!

  4. The verdict is still out on our two young ones. I wouldn’t bet against Erik (age 7) matching or exceeding Zach (age 9) by the time they hit the mid to late teens.

    I have two little brothers. For a while I could take them both on at once. But that changed when the second hit his growth spurt. Then they took their revenge….

  5. Glad to hear it Clive take care mate

  6. Just been reading the Garmin set up and use post, so thats just under ten miles in just over half an hour, or an average speed of about 18mph.

    Rock on, thats very impressive

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