A sobering reminder…

I’d literally just finished yesterday’s blog, my breakfast and was playing with Dan when I started to get pains in my chest. I hadn’t had them this bad since about 2005/6 when I was still in the process of getting fat and my heart condition was identified. Which obviously was caused because of my morbid obesity.

Wifey was out shopping with daughter, so I waited for her to come back and while I was helping her get the kit in I mentioned the chest pains to her. I didn’t keep quiet as my cowardice doesn’t allow me to get to the Hospital myself so I always let Liz do the right thing for me.

I was pretty worried, I was getting sweats too which is a sympton or was it panic? I didn’t know. We went to the Alex at Redditch and they immediatly got me all wired up to an ECG which showed everything was normal, (apart from my enlarged heart wall) my BP was normal too. The pain was still there though. Then bloods, again all normal. I then had to wait an hour so they could repeat the tests, again all normal. My resting heart rate was 60 BPM by the way.

The Doc then asked me my history and obviously asked me about my weight which is still obese. He was a bit staggered when I told him about how much I cycle and how much weight I’ve lost since last June. I’ll quote here “If you can bike 113 miles to Wales in a day then there isn’t much wrong with your heart functions. A damaged heart wouldn’t allow that kind of activity.”

That was reassuring to say the least. He eventually arrived at the conclusion that my problem was a form of indigestion that fatties are prone too, he did give it a name but I can’t remember it. He prescribed some pills to counter the effect (more pills) and let me go.

It was a scary episode, and if I needed a reminder as why I’m doing this then that was it. It’s difficult to describe how you feel when this is happening, I’m a naturally positive and optimistic person, but even I was doing my best not to think the worst. To quote General Melchett from Blackadder Goes Forth, “A complete refusal to look facts in the face will see us through every time!” I know I sort of subscribe to that view a lot of the time or I did. Mostly I was worrying about him saying I can’t cycle anymore, what would I do then?

Again my fat condition has caused a scare and again I’m having to take pills to counter an effect caused by being fat. But what if it was my heart? Wifey was being really nice about it, a sure sign she was terrified (I mean that in the nicest possible way because she’s always great in a crisis), Fay was quiet again, not a good sign and Dan just kept saying “are you poorly Daddy?”

An awful day. A bit of a leveller.

Today I seem ok, I’m unsure if the twinges in my chest are actual or imaginary so I’m cracking on, your mind does play some horrible tricks during an episode like this, was it indigestion, or was it my heart? There’s always an element of doubt in your mind no matter what the Doc said or the tests showed. But I’ll refer you back to General Melchett…


13 responses to “A sobering reminder…

  1. Glad the Doc cleared you and you are alright. Must have been very scarey, but at least your on the right track by gettng fitter and thinner!

  2. Shit Mate, SCARY still.

    Glad you’re ok, maybe in another 12 months, you (and I) wi no longer be obese/overweight, I know its a day I look forward to, tell you what , i’ll race “Yer Ass” there 🙂

  3. Keep your eye on it and make sure you go back if you get any more.

    Mine pains still get fobbed off now!

  4. Scary times indeed, glad it all turned out well. Make us all take one step back and think about what we are doing and why

  5. I love that quote. Thanks for reminding me of it
    “A complete refusal to look facts in the face will see us through every time!”
    Applicable to a lot of my interactions with others on a daily basis.
    Scary stuff, glad you’re ok.
    I get palpitations which feel like my heart has stopped for a bit. I don’t get palpitations if I exercise, so that’s a bonus. But it is really scary when they start. And then I panic and they get worse.
    You’ll have already thought of this I guess but if you can pinpoint what causes the indigestion you can avoid medication.
    Personally, I get/got indigestion when heavier.
    Bananas and also gels give me indigestion.
    Also carbs+fats (pastry = instant indigestion). So I’ve taken this to mean eat fewer carbs because clearly they are not easy to digest. I used to think it was fats, but I experimented and only ate fats (yes, dangerous. Do not try at home) and absolutely no indigestion. I have no medical evidence for this of course. All just according to me!
    I still eat carbs of course, just when I’m good I reduce the amount I intake.

  6. I was mine recently told me, “…it pays to listen to your body…”. In this case I think the wise man was right and the good General’s advise should be set aside. Glad this one has a happy ending. I don’t think your blog would be as entertaining without the biking stories.

  7. Ugh, fat fingers. Here’s the post I meant to submit… Please feel free to remove the original.

    A wise man recently told me, “…it pays to listen to your body…”. In this case I think the wise man was right and the good General’s advise should be set aside. Glad this one has a happy ending. I don’t think your blog would be as entertaining without the biking stories.

  8. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t something serious. The indigestion is probably caused by something you ate/drunk recently. If you can work out what it is you should be able to avoid it in futre, rather than taking pills to mask it.

    Keep pedalling 🙂

  9. Glad to hear your ok Clive.
    You did the right thing by not ignoring it and at least your taking positive action with what your doing.
    I hope to be back in the saddle soon and look forward to starting again.
    Clive im sure when youve reached your goal it will all have been worth it even with the scares.
    Keep the faith mate.

  10. I had a similar event a couple of years ago. I also went to the hospital and they did an ECG on me and found no issues (no pills for me though) so I can sympathise as to how worried you get. In fact the thought that I may die / have died was of less concern to me than what my wife and kids would do without me and their sadness.

    Very glad to hear your news was as good as mine was.

  11. Thanks for the good wishes everyone.

  12. Very sobering events, as you say. Glad to read you’re fine. The same thing happened to me, eight years ago, I thought the grim reaper was making his cut, like you all wired up in hospital, kept in overnight for more tests the next day. They said I was fine to go home, that it was indigestion of some sort, that I should lose weight etc.. I didn’t take much notice until I tried a game of five a side soccer, a couple of years later, when the ignominy of having so much trouble getting back up after a fall on the pitch, did it for me. Thankfully, I found cycling a couple of months later, and am feeling great, but still obese.

  13. I am so glad your ok Clive look after yourself mate

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