Last Blog for a while.

Holiday tomorrow! Yahoo etc.

This by necessity will be my last Blog until probably a week next Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure what day we’re coming back. The folks haven’t got t’interweb at their bungalow, Tywyn hasn’t got an internet cafe and the mobile signal is pants so Iphone comms will be sporadic at best.

I’ll tweet and Facebook via my Iphone when I have the chance.

Bees got a hammering at Worcester yesterday, 48 – 3. We were lucky to come second in all fairness. It went pretty much how I expected. The ex Premiership outfit were stronger faster and more street wise than us. The lads did give their all though and shouldn’t be too down. They never gave up. I’d have been happy if we could have kept within 30 points of them.

As predicted the banter from the Warriors coaches who I work with was merciless. The bastards!

A few pics of the game.

Bees warm up

Scrum near Worc try line

Bees attacking line out

Tomorrow I’ll be setting off at about 0730hrs, I intend to get to Churchstoke at about 1230hrs to meet my folks for lunch as they head t’other way to get to the airport. It will be nice to see them. I should then be bowling up at Tywyn at around 1600hrs to 1700hrs.

So have fun and I’ll be back in about 9 or 10 days!


5 responses to “Last Blog for a while.

  1. Have a good holiday matey, enjoy it!

  2. Have good time Clive 🙂 enjoy ure ride matey 🙂

  3. I’ll watch for your Twitter and FB updates and will be looking forward to a full report once you’re back. Have a great time and we’ll see you soon.


  4. Have the bestest of times Clive.

  5. Enjoy the away days Clive.


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