Busy busy busy!

Yesterday was more of a problem than I thought re the roofrack. Without being boring and writing a complete mini series I had dramas getting a bracket to bolt the rack onto wifey’s motor. In the end I had to make my own which meant trying to source a vice, which I couldn’t, so I resorted to holding the metal in a gloved hand, trying to find my long lost power drill, which was where it was meant to be so was obviously the last place I looked and then blueing a number of drill bits as I found my chosen steel was pretty hard! But I did it in the end, although my nice easy 15 minute job finally finished at about 1530hrs just in time for our usual visit to the Dodford.

The road bike was washed and lubed to within an inch of its life ready for Monday’s epic, the met is still set fair which is good.

I was thinking about Monday’s 113 miler while cleaning the bike. While I never say “never”, this pedal to Wales is probably going to be my longest ever distance that I’ll do. I’m not a long distance cyclist as such, mainly because of time contraints and other stuff that I do or needs my attention. My usual commute, a morning off for a MTB micro adventure or a swift 50 miler is going to be my usual bikey fair. So while I did a century 2 weeks ago and I have another one this Monday, this is definately not going to be the norm!

This afternoon is all about Rugby, Bees v Worcester Warriors at Six Ways. The first match of the Championship. A tough game for the boys as Warriors were relegated from the Premiership last season and will be looking to bounce straight back up. We as always will be struggling as we have the smallest budget in the league! But the afternoon will be a brilliant opportunity for banter as I know the Warriors coaching staff very well as I coach there with the North Midlands School of Rugby. I’d best sharpen my wit then…


4 responses to “Busy busy busy!

  1. Clive, since you’re getting into these marathon bike sessions, how do you fancy doing the British Heart Foundation’s London-to-South-Coast?
    It’s the MTB version of the classic London-to-Brighton. But, on MTBs. Off-road. And is 75miles (instead of 50). I did it last year (started at 0745, finished at 1615), and loved it. So, I’m doing it again this year (25/9/10).
    It’s not technical. It’s just a slog. Although, there are a few killer climbs.
    I’m hoping to find a posse to stay over with and have a beer+food session once we hit the seafront.
    Registration is probably still open for this years ride!!

  2. A bit late for that for me now mate. With family/rugby/work commitments I have to plan well ahead!

    Next year might be an option. I’ll have to run it past my social secretary (she who must be obeyed).

  3. I am so excited to hear about Monday’s ride. Have a great one and I know you are really going to Enjoy Your Ride. You are a machine.


  4. Good look Clive with the trip i really admire what your doing.
    Top man.

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