It’s really not about the bike…

I’m talking weight loss here. You cannot pedal all the time, not even JB. The majority of the time is life. Working, family stuff, other interests and the day to day issues we all have to deal with.

While dealing with this stuff, you have to eat. And therein lies the problem for the fatty on a weight loss through cycling plan. It takes a great deal of motivation to be permanently sensible, it takes but a momentary lapse to undo an age of good.

To use a military analogy, “the terrorist only has to be lucky once, we have to be lucky all the time. “

For whatever reason, this week I’ve been permanently hungry, so far I haven’t lapsed, but I know it’ll take just one minor thing to get me bingeing.

I seem to be obsessing about curries, fry ups, beer, kebabs, chips, oh, did I mention beer and curries? For the past year I’ve had one or two minor food obsessions but nothing like what’s happening at the moment. I’d really like an explanation as to why this happens to me in a prevention rather than cure kind of way. The only cure I’ve found so far is to stop being a whinging girl and to crack on. But it is bloody hard, surely there’s an easier way to cope when this happens rather than just manning up?

The other weird one is that I know I have a greater capacity to eat badly when I’m off the bike for a time rather than when I’m pedalling every day, what’s all that about then? Surely the greater cycling work load would have you hungrier? I seem to get weak willed food wise much easier when I’m not pedalling.

Sorry for the bleating this morning, just a bad week in the head I guess…


13 responses to “It’s really not about the bike…

  1. I will be watching for further commentsanswer with great interest, food intake was a disaster yesterday so I need to make amends for the rest of the week……………………..

  2. I remember years ago when I was in my early twenties I lost quite bit of weight, suddenly out of the blue I got a craving for jam on toast which I hadn’t eaten for years god only knows why.

    Clive I wish I had the answer for you other than to say with your steely determination you will get through this mate

    In a few weeks time when your through this you will saying “do you remember when I was winging like a girl” 🙂

    No doubt someone who is a lot brighter than me will have the proper answer mate

  3. Clive –

    I hope the day comes when one of crosses the ocean and we get to meet, enjoy a ride, then commiserate over carrots and celery. You capture the problem well and concisely. I wish I knew the answer brother, I’ve been inhaling food for weeks now and the scale confirms I can’t pedal fast nor far enough to keep ahead of it.

    So I’ll raise a glass of water to you and wish you luck. If you find the answer, please be sure to post it.


  4. Completely missed the blog move. That’ll teach me to sit at the back and not pay attention!

  5. Cheers for the comments fellers. Now where’s that curry menu…

  6. I understand what you’re going through. From my experience, this is what I have to offer…..crack down for about a week and don’t give into temptation. During that week, your body will adapt to a better way of eating so that those cravings don’t come through as strong. After the week is over, allow yourself just a little of those food items that you really love, but only a little. Allow yourself to indulge in those every so often so that you don’t begin craving them again.
    As your body adapts to eating the better foods, the other cravings should slowly subside.

    I hope that helps.


  7. while i haven’t actively been trying to lose weight, and failed to weigh myself before i started training as a result, but i have lost a fair bit in the last 4 months since i started training for the great north run going down to about a 34″ waist from a 38″ to 40″ waist (though my bmi still puts me right on the cusp of obesity).

    i’ve actually been trying to eat more for the past couple of months to counteract how much i was losing but haven’t really had the appetite to do so until the last couple of weeks.

    since then, like you, i could eat a scabby horse then get set in about a second one. i literally feel like i could eat all the time.

    i have more or less decided that it is to do with the time of the year and an underlying physiological need to bulk up to counteract the cold months ahead perhaps linked to some sort of hibernation complex. who knows if that is true but it does seem feasible.

  8. Darryl, Don,

    Thanks for the comments, every little helps!

  9. I feel for you. I had a curry last night…

    Chicken Tikka Paal with pilau rice. I also had a garlic chicken fry starter and a garlic naan.

    it was lovely.

    I’m now kicking back waiting for the time tonight when I can drink lots of beer.

  10. Interesting commentary you wrote Clive. It is so true for me too, if I am not on the bike much, I sooner or later binge out. You got a lot of guzto, keep on target mate.
    Dave on the other side.

  11. Loving the new site Clive, very nice.

    Onto the food thing, well as you know I have fallen off the wagon BIG time at the moment. Without wanting to make excuses because I should be stronger, I have a theory, I think that in the past couple of weeks the nights have started drawing in and the weather has taken a turn for the worse, Im wondering if it is a natural thing programed into us to start fattening up for the long winter months?
    Just a thought, being as a few of us are struggling more in the past few weeks. It could of course just be I have no will-power!

    Good luck with the trek to Wales, hope the weather cheers up for you

  12. I agree with Matt, your site layout is great. Food, well as you know I just love it, I’m trying and wavering all the time, it’s about keeping the lust in the head and not letting it the stomach. We all manage to cope when we lust after the females, the ones on bikes of course, our food urge surely is a minor one compared to the oldest urge in the world. That’s emphasised by our moggie, he’s off chasing the girls for days on end, and food is way down on his list till he gets home. Miaow, for now.

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