It was a busy Sunday, no change there then…Busier Monday…

Had a good giggle around Arrow Valley in Redditch, Dan especially had a laugh pedalling his way around the Lake.

He is quite a determined little feller, he tried to pedal up this, then found out he couldn’t so pushed it up instead, no mean achievement considering he’s 3 and his bike weighs more then my road bike!

Arrow Valley has some surprising sights, this beautiful little brook surrounded by trees.

His pedal was punctuated by some serious Blackberry picking and scoffing.

It was a pretty good family morning out.

Fay and Dan posing up a tree.

Me, trying to pedal Dan’s bike at Fay’s request…And failing miserably.

But the main thing is the kids enjoyed themselves…

Got back to some serious bike maintenance.

My Marin minus rear wheel getting fettled and Danned…

Then it was the Ridgeback’s turn.

I decided to take the front mech off, it never gets used and I know all about chain stretch and stuff, but too late. It’s due a new drivetrain and I intend to get it re-sprayed and have some welding done on it as soon as funds will allow. So it won’t get any more knackered than it already it is!

Front mech off, look at the state of the frame!

A XT front mech in serious need of some TLC!

Dealing with the bar stuff, bar ends off, grips off, then sort the brake lever and get the Rapidfire mech off.

Stripped bar, ready for a clean down…

Finished article. Looks a lot better and for a winter commuter hack type bike, ideal. Less is more.

Finally here’s the Breast of Lamb all prepped for the oven!

Covered in Honey, herbs and spices, surrounded by stock veg, garlic and a bit of chillie. Not a bad Sunday Dinner!

Today is about bikes and kids. My aim is to get Dan pedalling without stabilisers, I’m taking them off and taking him across to the playing field to see if I can get him pedalling without them. Wish us luck!


8 responses to “It was a busy Sunday, no change there then…Busier Monday…

  1. Looks a great day out and that Lamb, wow!

  2. Looked like a nice day out. I’m very reluctant to take my down to anything other than front and rear wheels off. I know as soon as I take the gears, cogs, etc off I’m gonna be stumped on putting them back on. I had to take the bike to the shop last time (although it did turn out it was an incompatible set up). I really do need to clean it well though 😦

    I like your bike stand – beats my effort of hanging it up by straps lol.

  3. Great pics Clive looks like a great day out

    Wot a horrible Dad making Dan push his bike up that hill lol

    Good Luck Dan without ure stabilisers today 🙂

    Clive if you don’t mind me asking how much did u pay for the the bike stand and wot make is it, it looks a good bit of kit.

  4. @Bear, it cost me about £70, roughly 15 years ago, can’t remember the make though, got it at my LBS.

    I’d heartily recommend a stand if you work on your bikes regularly though.

  5. Great photos, Clive. I like the one of you riding the little bike. I can really see all the fun and enjoyment come through. You’ve got an awesome personality and I can see that it shines through to those around you.


  6. Re bike stands… Have a look at the Merlin Cycles one:

    Great stand, I have one as do many people I know.

    A friend also has the optional toolkit which contains most of the specialist tools you’d need for basic repairs/maintenance. Not the best quality but perfect for the occasional user.

  7. Unfortunately unless you know someone who’ll do you a foreigner on the welding it’s probably going to work out cheaper to buy a new frame.

    If you take the frame in any bike shop to be sprayed then you’ll be looking at £100-£150.
    However, if you take it to your local powder coaters then you can probably get it sand blasted and coated for about £30.

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