Family Sunday…

Trip out to Arrow Valley today, get Dan pedalling around the lake. My Marin and Ridgeback will also get cleaned to death, but the Marin is minus a rear wheel as there are 3 loose spokes on  it. A quick trip to see Graham at Scott’s Cycles and the wheel will be back with me next week. I can’t afford to have a dodgy wheel as I’ll be doing some serious terrain in Snowdonia the week after. Looking forward to that.

Sunday dinner today as normal. Breast of Lamb, with my home made gravy, home grown beans and wifey’s apple pie and custard for pud!


3 responses to “Family Sunday…

  1. Dinner sounds nice Clive 🙂

    Enjoy your day mate

    You need to change ure comment link so it goes to this blog mate it is going to ure previos wordpress blog 😦

  2. Ohhh i’m up in Snowdonia for the bank holiday weekend…

    Did a stonking ride a few years ago that I have full intentions of repeating…
    And Blog…
    Not sure why anybody would want to take a mountain bike though? The roads are perfec!

    Have a good’n

  3. You ought to get yourself a spoke tightener mate – very handy to have and its not such a hard thing to do as long as you roughly know the pitch. Snowdonia sounds like its going to be fun.

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