MTBing Rocks!

Went out this morning for a MTB ride, my intention was to go over the Waseley’s head out towards Clent then explore the Bridleways around Hagley. It didn’t quite go according to plan because I’d lost the OS map I needed to navigate the route. No doubt it’ll turn up today as we’re blitzing Chez Chapman as it is a bit of a tip at the moment!

I headed out over to the Waseley’s but they were invisible due to the weather.

As you can see (or not) the hills had vanished!

I carried on over the bridleway to a really good vantage point to decide my route. The piccy below shows Worcestershire panning out below in all its glory! (Usually).

Decision made then, over the Lickey’s instead of Clent. That meant a great yahoo down the other side of the Waseley’s then a grunt and a groan up to the top of the Lickey’s.

Start of the path up to the Lickey’s. I pedalled this route pretty much for the first time I got back on my MTB last November, I remember very clearly the effort required to get to the top. It’s all so much easier now! It’s still a granny ring battle but bloody hell I feel so much better doing it!

A quick whiz down Monument Road to the visitor centre to shoot down the downhill towards Barnt Green.

This was the downhill that me Rafe and Jon practised on earlier in the year, it is very fast, pretty uneven and after the rain recently plenty of new ruts to negotiate.

The top of the Lickey’s before the downhill.

The scream down towards Barnt Green was fabulous, sometimes everything just comes together, you feel great, the bike is behaving itself and you seem to be floating over every obstacle and just going faster and faster. This was one of those very special rare occasions. I suddenly became aware that I was laughing out loud as I was firing down the path. Luckily there were no other folks about to witness this lunatic on two wheels thundering down the track. Mud was flying up everywhere, my feet and legs were getting peppered with trail rubbish and I knew I had a bad case of Lickey Pox. So what? This is MTBing and its why we do it. If you don’t MTB then start, seriously, its so much fun I’m amazed the Government hasn’t legislated against it!

At the bottom of the hill it was a short road pedal over to the reservoir.

Another bit of bridleway bashing and nettle stings lead to the reservoir where I took a short break as it’s a great chill out spot.

Very soon it was over to Cofton Hackett via another steep hill that doesn’t seem too much of an issue for me now, the weather was starting to cheer up too which was nice.

Then another first, I decided to go back over the Lickey’s which means a very very steep pedal to get to the top. I cleaned it! That’s that buggers arse well and truly kicked!

The trail at the top has a very technical descent down the other side, very steep, very narrow, it means you’re covering the front brake, your arse is well over the back wheel and you’re paying very close attention to where your front wheel is going. If you came off, there’s a very good chance you’d beat your bike to the bottom!

Home now for a clean up. I haven’t been this dirty through pedalling since last winter!

My Marin was gopping as was me and my kit.

Wifey said it looked like I’d shit myself, well, if you’re new to the descent down into Rubery you just might! But no, my bowels hadn’t failed, it was just good honest trail dirt!

A good case of Lickey Pox!

Stats for the pedal here:

Google Maps URL:

Shortened Google Maps URL:

Started: 21 Aug 2010 06:23:41

Ride Time: 1:36:53

Stopped Time: 0:00

Distance: 9.86 miles

Average: 6.11 miles/h

Fastest Speed: 26.85 miles/h

Climb: 696 feet

Calories: 511

There was no filming done due to the weather, which annoyed me a tad as I do like that part of the experience. The rest of the day is now all about admin. We want a quiet 2 days tomorrow and Monday.

Have a good weekend folks!


2 responses to “MTBing Rocks!

  1. Looks good Clive apart from your well dodgy looking shorts 🙂

    You look like a “Pig in shit” not literally mate well maybe a little 🙂

  2. Mtb’ing does indeed ROCK as I found out during the 2 days I had the cube before the idiot van driver killed it….

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