Thanks for coming over!

Welcome to my new and permanent home, you know what it’s like when you just move in, a bit of straightening out to do and some decorating, but I’ll get there!

I hope you’ll like it and you’re free to visit any time!


4 responses to “Thanks for coming over!

  1. I’m amazed you managed to keep all of your old posts and even the old comments on those posts in tact through two moves in 24 hours. That must have been quite a trick.

    Hope this one suits you so we can concentrate on your witty prose, insightful commentary on all things bicycle and exciting videography, rather than updating our links to your site every few hours.

  2. Cheers Mike, had massive help from Joby at Biking to work though…

  3. Nice design Clive. I can actually see your comment box while at work now. For some reason, the old design wouldn’t (or it was a firewall issue here). Who knows.

  4. Starting to take shape Clive. Have a nice blast on the MTB hopefully gonna get out on mine and get shitted up!

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