Sorry for the f*** about

You can now find me here:

I know, make your bloody mind up Clive, but I thought about it for a short while after a chat with the ever helpful Joby over at who’s help was as ever invaluable, I decided to make the leap to my own domain name, so a virtual pint to him and a couple of real ones when we eventually meet for a pedal!

This is the last move! I promise, I’ll be tweaking it tomorrow, but it is up now.




3 responses to “Sorry for the f*** about

  1. I was wondering if there is a way to change the web address from having the “…/blog” address to something else. Does this mean you’ve cracked it?

  2. Welcome to the World of WordPress, have fun playing with your widgets

  3. How did the trip to Cardiff go? What part of Cardiff did you visit?

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