Dinosaur day out…

Enjoyed the thing at Redditch yesterday, as did wifey, the kids and Mum in Law.

A few piccies:

Spawn of Satan scaring a terrible lizard.
I said to him “Look up!”
Fay with a lizard.
Me with a corn snake.
Dan with the Tortoise.
The plaque for the needle works.
The needle works water wheel.
Dan on the Dino slide.

Mum in Law did a fabulous picnic and the weather was really good. Today we’re off over the hills for bimble and to get the kids knackered then probably off to do a bit of shopping.


3 responses to “Dinosaur day out…

  1. Clive have a gooden mate

  2. Ive just finished reading a long email from my sister about me posting pics of Ben on my blog. Some people just go a bit overboard & think paedophiles etc are lurking round every corner! Glad to see pics of you and your family enjoying yourselves mate, although I wouldnt have gone near the lizard.

  3. Mate, I don't subscribe to the Daily Mail view of the world. That's the view of the "victim", you know the "It's because of the (insert which ever group is the target) that I can't do (insert which ever thing you're trying to achieve). I firmly believe that there is no more danger to anything then when we were kids. It just gets reported more widely.I don't pay any attention to scaremongering, be it paedophiles/rapists/terrorists/illegal immigrants/scoungers/feral kids or whatever the Daily Mail's target of opportunity is. It's all bollocks designed to sell newspapers.It's my experience that people are generally ok and just want to live their lives in peace.And believe me I'm not naive..

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