Kid’s Sunday.

Today we’re off to Redditch to take the kids (and Mum in Law) to this.

Should be a giggle.

I’m getting Sunday Dinner sorted soon. Chicken done in a chicken brick today.

It makes a lovely gravy (sauce) as well as keeps the chicken very moist. The best bit is that you can bung everything in it, chuck the oven on low and then bugger off all day and you come back to a fabulous meal without having to do anything but serve it. Plus the smell when you open the front door is ace!
Lazy man’s cooking. Works for me!

Finally, finishing off on a sad note, just read this on Bikeradar. I know the roads around there very well, indeed I’ll be pedalling them next Saturday if everything goes according to plan. The A46 especially is a like a motorway in all but name. A dual carriageway where the traffic regularly goes over the national speed limit. The lanes around Bidford and Salford Priors are very narrow but can get very busy due to all of the pretty villages and access to the River Avon. My thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends.

Everyone be careful out there.

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