The sun is out!

Yahoo! First dry pedal in I dunno how long!

Came in over Frankley Beeches with nothing bad to report.

I was feeling pretty strong so I decided to go for it.

Stats here:
Started: 27 Jul 2010 05:40:39
Ride Time: 32:18
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.67 miles
Average: 17.22 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 44.16 miles/h
Climb: 223 feet
Calories: 651

That’s not a bad average and without trawling back through old posts, I’m pretty sure that’s up there as one of my quickest times, if not the quickest.

The difference being I’m up out of the saddle on all of the climbs now and down on the lower part of the drops when belting downhill.

It’s hurting, but then again it’s supposed to!

I’m wondering now if I have all of the traffic lights going for me whether a sub 30 in is possible?

Considering July last year a canal park and ride was taking me just short of an hour that’s remarkable. You certainly couldn’t do it quicker than I’m doing it now on a Bus or Train.

A video below of my pedal in this morning. I hope you enjoy the tongue in cheek soundtrack!

Last night’s pedal was a standard affair but I did have two races with the same bloke on a MTB. He pulled in front of me before the hill into Northfield and to be fair to him he was going for it. I shadowed him for a couple of hundred meters then was up out of the saddle sprinting past him when he started to slow, I gave him a cheeky “All right mate” as I whizzed past him. I kept the hammer down right up until the Northfield By-Pass, that’s him sorted thought I.

I got to the Black Horse traffic light’s and was waiting for them to go green when I saw the same bloke fire off up Frankley Beeches Road! He must have dived over the road on the By-Pass then cut through Sainsbury’s car park the cheeky git, judging by how far ahead he was, he must have gone through some red lights and then rode on the pavement!

Rightio sunshine, that’s your game! When my light’s went to green he was about 250 – 300 meters ahead on a slight uphill, no dramas, I buried myself and caught him at the junction by Kings Norton Golf Club. Then on the downhill towards the Dingle island I was out of the saddle again and went past him like he was standing still. I glanced at him as I went by. His look of amazement was priceless! I kept it on up the nasty little climb just before the island. I didn’t see him again, and to be honest that was a good thing as I was now shot. I just bimbled the rest of the way home.

I was pretty soaked through with sweat when I got in and for the first time in ages I couldn’t speak properly for a couple of minutes. Wifey wondered what the hell was wrong with me! I think I’ll start calling rides like that interval training. A few minutes of extreme effort followed by a few minutes of recovery. It’s got to be doing me good!


7 responses to “The sun is out!

  1. Don't you just love racing people that have been naughty, reeling them in, belting past them and watching their reaction.I find it even more fun if I pelt right up but, as I approach them to overtake, give an extra little blast, sit up, hands free and stop pedalling and glide past them – ha ha!As for sun? WTF is that?

  2. I know, I'd forgotten what it looked like too…

  3. That soundtrack's brilliant! I stayed on the site until it finished. Maybe you should have written a longer post so I didn't start biting my nails and gazing around my desk for things to fidget with… 😉

  4. Okey dokey Phill, (note to self for the future, must write a blog that takes as long to read as soundtrack takes to play…)

  5. Hi Clive, I can totally appreciate your excitement for the sun. Enjoy it. It's great to see you getting stronger out there on the bike and from the looks of the video you definitely are going fast.Keep on Enjoying Your Ride, my friend.Darryl

  6. Yeah great video and I agree about the music. I think you must have stolen our sun you bugger! Be a kind chap and kick it back down here.

  7. Good man nothing like chasing someone down only to then have to do it again

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