Going for a family bimble later over the Bridleways around Belbroughton that I pedal on my MTB. Kids and dogs all in tow, maybe stop for a picnic too.

We’re also going to dig up some Horseradish that grows over there in abundance, home made Horseradish sauce is nothing like the shop brought stuff. It’s also a good solution to sinusitus. If when you’re grating the root stick your head right in the bowl and take a really good deep breath from the grated root. Trust me, you’ll never have a blocked nose again! Or blocked anything else for that matter, I can only liken it to being caught without your respirator (gas mask) when you’re being subjected to CS gas (tear gas) in the respirator testing chamber when I was in the army. Try it if you dare!

Then it’ll be bike sorting time. Road bike needs a bit of maintenance, it has an annoying noise coming from it and I’ll be getting my Ridgeback MTB ready for the 40 plus miler (thanks Phill) I’m doing with my mukka tomorrow.

We’re off at early O’Clock so I’ll be blogging PM tomorrow I guess.

Yesterday’s pedal home stats here:
Started: 25 Jun 2010 11:44:35
Ride Time: 44:51
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.79 miles
Average: 13.83 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 39.21 miles/hr
Climb: 262 feet
Calories: 786

Again, pretty slow.


9 responses to “Horseradish

  1. Ohhhh fresh horseradish is evil stuff… I love it! Enjoy the 40 miler tomorrow, going to be a warm one I think

  2. AAAaaaaarrrgh!!! I HATE the stuff. Its like the left over snot from Satans goppy tissue. I suppose the dog pee its probably been coated in for the past month or so may have mellowed it a bit though.

  3. There's a bit of a difference between shop brought snot and home made snot, honestly… 😉

  4. Just started to catch up on some reading of your exploits clive.glad to see your still in full swing and that your setting goals and achieving all..well done mate glad to be reading it againcheers.

  5. I wouldn't mind taking a sniff of that stuff……I love the natural remedies and I'm sure that horseradish would totally clean my head.Happy riding, my friend.Darryl

  6. Try it Darryl, you'll never have congestion again!

  7. Homemade horseradish sauce rules. Actually makes you feel good, and clears you out when you eat it.

  8. So does drinking a litre of apple juice, like I found out last night. Not sure if it was a backward enema, or the first case of a male peeing out of his bum.

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