Rest day 1.

This morning I’ll be watching England get beaten by The Wallabies in the rugby test match in Australia. I’ve already watched the All Blacks dismantle Wales. I can imagine Shaun Edwards the Welsh defence coach chucking all manner of toys out of all manner of prams at their tackling or lack of it.

The family has gone to the 3 Counties show in Malvern so I’m home alone for the first time in a long time.

I’ll take advantage of the peace and enjoy the rugby, or not.


3 responses to “Rest day 1.

  1. Start eating those words Clive, at least one area of our national sport can win. Did not watch the match but just seen the result, was it a good match??

  2. I'm stunned, I don't know where the hell that came from! Ben Youngs, Courtnay Lawes and Dan Cole are certainly the future for English rugby. Even Tom Palmer had a good game!But let's put this in perspective, while I'll always take any win against the Aussies, the Aussie powder puff pack won't be striking too much fear into their opponents even if the Aussie back line are outstanding.And in answer to your question, yes it was a good game!

  3. Got that one wrong then, fair play England did well, and what's more I enjoyed the game. Sadly, can't say the same about Wales today, quite simply blown away by New Zealand in the 2nd half. Dan Carter is looking like the best outside half, I have ever seen.

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