Monday morning MTB meanderings…

First day off and a good pedal.

Route here:

Just short of 22 miles, I went over the Waseley’s, over the back of the Lickey’s, down towards Alvechurch along the cut via Barnt Green, then pedalled over to Weatheroak Hill to skirt along the Wast Hills which took me back to Hopwood and the usual reservoir route back to Rubery.

I was feeling pretty good despite the weather which was rainy and windy so I did another flip over the Waseley’s and Lickey’s. What a sucker for punishment eh? The last climb over the Lickey’s disappeared in a haze of shiny torture (Thanks Carrie), but pain is just weakness leaving the body!

Stats here:

Started: 14 Jun 2010 05:49:55
Ride Time: 2:37:06
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 21.94 miles
Average: 8.38 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 33.65 miles/hr
Climb: 1329 feet
Calories: 1491

I’m hoping this week to give Phill a kicking!
After a quick de-gunk and ablute me and wifey took advantage of the kids absence and walked 4 and a half miles with the hounds of hell around some of the bridleways I pedalled during the Saturday puncture fest from a week ago. Wifey was suitably impressed so brownie points for me!
Wifey’s photo of yours truly during our bimble.

No-one can accuse me of not getting my excercise today, plus I had a lunch of Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries and Oranges for dinner, how good am I eh?
Another morning MTB trip tomorrow to look forward to tomorrow, and the met is looking better too!



6 responses to “Monday morning MTB meanderings…

  1. Looks like a great ride for scenery. Surprised the wife hasnt got you out shopping for new sofa's, doing wallpapering, fixing taps, shelves, new carpetting, etc. If I took a week off that would be me.Bet youre looking for some serious stats at the end of this week eh?

  2. Well done Clive from the world of TMWB

  3. Glad the bimble was a success! Do you know everytime I visit your blog I end up singing "The Bimbling Song" to the tune of "The Wombling Song.""When it's foggy on the common and I just can't seeAnd I bimble into you and you bimble into meJust remember we're so lucky to be bimbling freee-eee! Remember, remember etc" Oh dear. I'll get me coat.

  4. Nice ride there Clive.

  5. Spanking Pic lad, I knew bimble was a legitimate word. !!!

  6. Brownie points = priceless 🙂

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