No biking today.

I’m coaching Rugby today, well not much coaching truth be told, I’m helping run the North Midlands School of Rugby trials at Worcester. This is an opportunity for the best players in the area between U13s and U16s to get themselves on the first rung of the Elite Player Development Pathway. To say they’re nervous would be an understatement!

First off I’ll be cooking breakfast, a full English this morning as Mum in Law is coming round to go out with Wifey and the kids while I’m at the rugby. I believe they’re going to Bidford on Avon. I guess they’ll be going for a bimble down the river.

Just as a heads up, I’ll be blogging later in the day during next week not first thing of a morning like I normally do.

Have a good day everyone.


3 responses to “No biking today.

  1. Have fun today mate and a huge congratulations on that weight loss goal in the previous post

  2. You are very deserving of a good day off from the bike. Enjoy your day….from your English breakfast all the way through.Cheers,Darryl

  3. Hope the rugby went well! I always used to want to do that at school, but girls weren't allowed when I was there. The teacher was Ian McGeechan (his day job, I suppose!). He taught me PE though. All the girls fancied him and landed on him on purpose after jumping off the gym horse, so he'd catch us. Good job I was thin then – I'd squash him flat now, LOL!

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