Site Meeting

No pedal today, I have a site meeting to go to.

Last nights pedal was very warm, to coin a phrase “I was sweating for England” There was nothing much to report about the pedal which was the Harbourne, QE Hospital, and Bristol Road route.

I had a bit of chat with a MTB Cop at Selly Oaks lights, considering I was in T Shirt and shorts pedalling a road bike and he was all kitted up for combat in Helmund Province riding a fully loaded MTB he looked remarkably fresh! Nice bloke though. I won’t mention that he tries to set off the speed camera down by the college when he’s pedalling downhill!

Stats here:
Ride Time: 44:16
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.82 miles
Average: 14.58 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 45.30 miles/hr
Climb: 604 feet
Calories: 797

Weight is static, not surprising really considering the crappy pedalling week I’ve had at only 76 miles. But my waist size I discovered is down to 40″ now when got my new shorts for the summer. My old ones were hanging off me even with a belt!

Footage of my chat with the MTB Cop.

This article might be of use to some…


5 responses to “Site Meeting

  1. The question has got to be asked do you often ask the Old Bill about "Flashing" 🙂

  2. Thanx for the heads up Clive on looking after ure bike mate

  3. I can sense a theme developing in your comments Les my old mate… 😉

  4. PMSL you know me to well, and ure rite I am "old" lol

  5. like the heavy breathing as you stalked him down clive!like those 1980s films!…bet no-one cuts him up!

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