Back on the bike

After a day at home looking after Dan I’m back on the bike and as I was scheduled to do a quick route in I decided to jump on my Ridgeback and do the cut. Two reasons for that, one it would give my body and extra rest from the cruel attentions of the road bike and two I prefer pedalling on the towpath to pounding the tarmac! A win win!

The Spawn of Satan still isn’t right though, wifey had to sleep in his room with him last night and she’s staying home with him today. He’s got the flu we think. Wifey will assess him today.

The pedal in was without incident, I did have my Muvi on and may post some footage later. The only other thing of note was that this was the first ride in this year without the need of my lights, it was plenty bright when I stepped out of the house. That’s good news! Also no ill effects at all from Monday’s 50 miler.

On the downside the cut was terribly busy, 4 joggers, one pedestrian and a cyclist to negotiate. I’m not happy, the cut is my own private property of a morning! Fair weather fitness freaks…

Stats here:
Started: 5 May 2010 05:50:25
Ride Time: 49:08
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 11.73 miles
Average: 13.49 miles/hr
Fastest Speed: 29.00 miles/hr
Climb: 272 feet
Calories: 410


4 responses to “Back on the bike

  1. cant being out cycling at dawn clive!,im a morning person and often go cycling 5-6am on a detour to work…like to meet no-one aswell at that time!

  2. Best bit of the day mate. I was up a bit late today though, 0540hrs, which probably accounted for the traffic jams on the cut… šŸ˜‰

  3. I know what you mean, I hate other commuters using "MY" route, the cheek of it!

  4. How dare they use your private route!

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