No twinges, good news…

First pedal in for a fortnight would you believe. Also the first time this year I’ve pedalled in without wearing a wooly hat under my lid, it’s the first time Giant has got wet as it was persistently precipitating this morning and it was the first try out of new route that was not too hilly as I want to ease myself back in.

The biggest hill was at the start of my ride up to the Waseley Hills Country Park, then a very wet bit of country lane until I hit Bartley Green. I’m having wheel problems. My front wheel is still rubbing on the brake block when I’m up out of the saddle going up hill and my rear wheel started to catch the brake block down the lane just past the Prison Farm. I had to complete the ride with the calipers apart.

Oh, and my computer is knackered!

Route here:

Only one Joby to report, turning right at the Halesowen Streetbike Island a woman in a Smart Car entered the island going left and just missing my front wheel as I was about to get off the island. She saw me too late and waved an apology. That’s ok then. It wasn’t ok for the motorcyclist who gestured a despairing wave at me regarding the incident as he overtook me. And it certainly wasn’t ok for the woman who he rode alongside and gave absolute loads to!

Injury wise no ill effects, generally no physical ill effects at all, it was a bit of a non event to be honest. But I’ll go the quick less hilly way home tonight through Northfield and pop in to Northfield Cycles about the back wheel thing.

Finally a big shout to Joby and James for their successful completion of the Cheshire Cat thingymabob. Well done fellers!


9 responses to “No twinges, good news…

  1. Glad no ill affects from ure cycle in mateNot a smart woman in a smart car, she waved an apology thats alright then NOT Joby and James done brill well done lads

  2. Just found out why my computer wasn't working. It would have worked if I'd have put my front wheel in the right way around when I got it out of the car last week.What a twat!

  3. Cant disagree wiv u Clive

  4. Thanks Les, I know I can rely on you to call it as you see it. 😉

  5. Glad you health is better and your back pedalling. Haha about the computer (I won't let on that I put my front wheel in the wrong way too!) Sounds annoying about the wheels, hope they can get them sorted, glad I have started a new trend for bike falling to pieces 🙂

  6. Hello from Quebec city, Canada.You might have to look for stiffer wheels. These are good enough for my wife, wich is 140 pounds and ride a Giant Avail-1, but i doubt they can stand your size.I'm 235 pounds and have used Mavik's Ksyrium Equipe for a while (3000km+) and i'm not very kind to them but they just won't break. You should inquire about these. Otherwise, look for cyclo-touring wheels.About the front wheel, I got caught myself, we all do once… unless you have disc brakes.

  7. Hello Michel, thanks for taking the trouble to comment!I'll certainly take your advice and have a look for stiffer wheels as and when funds allow.CheersClive

  8. Hi Clive,Ive been following your blog with interest and toby,sIm impressed and look forward to reading it every daybrilliant work keep it up.kind regards Simon.T

  9. Thanks Simon! 🙂

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