Promised weight update.

I have remained static this week weight wise which has chuffed me, and amazed the hell out of me to be honest. I was sensible with the grub so suppose that’s what helps. Also the Duck Tape, No More Nails and self tappers  worked on Dan’s play house. All back working again for the little blighter.

A busy day (for a change) I’ve got shopping with wifey and Dan in an hour, Fay is at her mates on a sleep over, then I believe she’s going out donkey walloping (horse riding) with her mates, so she’ll be dead tired and miserable when she’s back. Oh joy.

Later on I’ll be at Bees to watch their first relegation play off game against local rivals Moseley (spit). It’s been a hard season for the club. Going into administration, seeking new backing, reforming the management structure, being docked 15 points, losing a hard core of the playing staff, not winning a game etc etc. But the play offs are a new start really. What has gone before now counts for nought and we could still stay up. No wonder the play offs are being marketed as “The Great Escape!” good luck to Russ, Eugene and the boys.

After wiping the floor with Moseley [/mockers] I’ll be nipping over to the Dodford to watch France slaughter England. Or not. France can implode on any given day. Now here’s my prediction of what will transpire in Paris this evening. And remember you heard it here first.

The French will have one of their “couldn’t give a toss days” England will run them close in a shockingly bad game but lose. Rob Andrew and Martin Johnson will then point to all of the “improvements” seen by England today in running the form team of the 6N so close. That’ll mean us poor English Rugby fans will have to put up with more of the same dross right up until Rugby World Cup 2011 where we won’t qualify from the pool stages. It’s cack! And I’m bloody annoyed.

If you’d have read Rob Andrews piece in the Times yesterday where he states “England are on the way back” you’d be genuinely wondering what he is actually watching and asking yourself just what does he do for his 400k a year! For those that don’t know Rob Andrew is England’s Director of Elite Rugby and effectively Martin Johnson’s boss. He is known to all and sundry in Rugby as “Squeaky” by the way, as when he was playing he always had a squeaky clean image. So from now on when ever I’m ranting about English Rugby, Rob Andrew the useless pile of pants will not be given the dignity of being refferred to by his given name, he will in fact be known as “Squeaky” on this Blog until he does the honourable thing and falls on his sword!

I really, really want France to have one of their “no one can touch us” games and massacre us lots to very little, that’s how bad I feel about the current England regime and how much I want them gone. I could go on, but rant over.

I’ve also got to get my bike ready for the commute next week, the old achillies thing is pretty much better, I can still feel it a tad, but it’ll be good to go on Monday for sure.


2 responses to “Promised weight update.

  1. Well done on the weight Clive, try not to go too over the top next week maybe ease into it a bit to test the achillies although I know when you have the cycling bug it can be difficult to reign it in sometimes. Have a good weekend

  2. Ditto wiv Unfitguy go easy wiv the achillies Dnt want to b reading ure blog thats saying I am still laid upAs one great blogger said to me once " Little Steps " Cant recall who said that, oh yeah mate it was u so adere to ure own advice please , take it easy

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