Bit of a set back.

The pedal home last night was going swimmingly, I was panting my way over Frankley Beeches into a bloody great head wind, which is always nice, when I felt a twinge in my right achillies tendon. Not a problem I figured, just crack on. I got home and to be honest forgot about it, but as the evening wore on my ankle got more and more painful. A good nights rest will sort it out, it always does I thought.

It always doesn’t. I couldn’t walk properly on it this morning and as the cliche goes I now walk with a bit of limp and have had to drive into work. I am a bit worried, as this time last year I was immobilsed for 3 months after snapping the tendons through rugby. In plaster, on crutches, the whole nine yards.

I’m hoping it’s just a bit of a twinge that’ll right itself with a days rest. I can’t be not pedalling, my weight will just increase.

Onto more positive stuff, Matt the editor at What Mountain Bike sent me a couple of the latest issues of the Magazine with the article that I’m featured in. Joolze does take a nice picture! My hills are looking great in the shot they used. Pity there’s a fat bloke blocking most of the view though!


21 responses to “Bit of a set back.

  1. hope you can get that ankle fixed quickly clive…injuries that stop hobbies suck…

  2. Bit worried truth be told. This is giving me severe stick this morning. 😦

  3. That doesn't sound good, hopefully a few days rest will sort it….You do know I am relying on you to get me through Brum 🙂 (only Joking!)Get yerself sorted,,,,,

  4. It'll be fine come NCR5 day JB, even if I have to pedal one legged!

  5. Hi CliveHope it gets better take it easy for a few days, just try and eat healthier for next few days and look on it as recovery rather than being laid up!

  6. UFG, good plan, just what I was thinking.

  7. Unfitguy is spot on – treat it as a recovery and just eat a little healthier!

  8. Watch that ankle mate. Don't forget its better to take a few days off the bike now instead of a month or two off later.

  9. I'll listen to the injury folks. The achillies injury last year was one I do not want to repeat. Very very painful. I only didn't cry when it happened because my ego wouldn't let me!

  10. Clive ope achillies is jus a very minor injury but like evetyone has said treat as a recoveryUre weight loss is jus not bout peddaling its bout how u av changed ure eating which wont change m8 I av total confidence in u mateyU av got to strong a charachter to let this set u back " keep the faith " Clive

  11. Jpplze does take a great phot, hope the ankle rights itself and doesn't stop your cycling.

  12. Sorry to hear about your set back Clive. I've only been reading your blog for the last couple of weeks and I'm hooked. Any ideas where I can get a jacket like yours to fit me?

  13. Rest easy big fella. I'll be thinking of you while I'm resting too.

  14. Welshie, my typing is down to my edukashun so don't sweat it!Toby, glad you're finding it of interest! This is my jacket, in 5XL would you believe! –, I'll be fine thank you, I'm sure it's just a blip my old Northern Blogging mukka. You rest up too, don't want you exerting yourself… 😉

  15. Hey you, get your ankle sorted coz we've a date remember!Is a great picture, as you say, shame about the fat bloke but hey ho. ;)BTW I had to cycle one legged once, after I sheared the pedal off my sister-in-laws mountain bike. It was off-road, several miles from my brother's house. Stole his shoelace and tied my foot the good pedal. All I'll say is that it's very very hard.

  16. Rafe, I'll be fine, NO REALLY, I'LL BE FINE! FINE I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Best you are Clive, I don't wanna be the only sweaty fat bloke at the back 🙂 Unless this is another date you and Rafe have ;)On a serious note, hope you mend ok, like others have said, use it as recovery time, eat a bit better and you will be back to it stronger than ever

  18. Cheers for the link Clive. I have a 50" chest so I'd need the 5XL too. That's a very good price as most of the one for smaller people are at least double that!

  19. I've just noticed that you've linked to my blog. Thanks.

  20. I would also recommend a bit of prep ie getting bike and gear cleaned oiled greased and ready that way when you're up to it it'll be silky smooth. Hope its not given you too much gyp today

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