Over the hills and far away…

Working from home today, but, I was up at early O’clock to get a MTB ride in. I did 9 miles in quite a long time, but I was stopping to take piccies. I rode over the Waseley Hills and took some City at night/dawn type shots, then pedalled over to the Lickey’s.

I had a screaming descent from the top of Beacon Hill down towards the Rose and Crown. As it was not quite light and in the trees it was like riding down a chute, very exciting, but not as exciting as when I realised I was in fact riding down some steps put in by the Wardens to stop path erosion and aid the walkers. That concentrated the mind a bit! But I stopped on ok, just let the bike go as bikes want to stay upright! It’s humans that make bikes fall over!

Waseley Hills just before dawn looking towards Birmingham.
Yours truly, on top of the Waseley Hills, M5 southbound and Droitwich masts visible.
On top of Beacon Hill on the Lickey’s. Rubery down below with Frankley Beeches in the distance.
Looking back towards Beacon Hill from the other side of the Lickey’s
View up the path to the downhill into Rubery.
A good morning out, off on a bigger Micro adventure tomorrow!

10 responses to “Over the hills and far away…

  1. I regularly bounce down a set of steps, (actually 3 sets of 5 steps in a row) of wooden steps on my way home. It's taken me months to get to the stage where I can ride all the way down these steps. These steps are not steep, I just don't have the bottle! I still regualarly go wrong at the bend half way down. For some reason multi-tasking steering and bouncing is just too difficult for me.

  2. A bit pissed off to be honest Red, the footage didn't come out. Steps are usually no drama for me, it's just these were bloody invisible until I was on them!

  3. wet wooden steps are always fun!,look forward to reading your `micro adventure`!

  4. Wow – I wish I had a MTB 😦 then I could have adventures like this!

  5. Leave the dark side Jobywoby, come and join us MTBers in the light!

  6. Clive in the second pictures ure either the Devil, just seen that Goose again or u ad one to many sherbets last night lol

  7. No beer in the week Les, no water fowl around, that just leaves exploding green vomit and a 360 neck action!

  8. Well wotever it is ure eyes r scaring the shit out of me m8I dun 5 miles this morning on me way home like u said little stepsu took sum little steps 2day aye

  9. It's great to see someone (you), using the facilities, that, generally go unnoticed, by the vast majority of the population. There's so much, for all of us, to see and do, right on our own doorsteps. I was able to access it as a kid, and discovered it again, outdoors on my bike. Why do most of us take these riches for granted, by seemingly ignoring them. It just beats me. Glad you had a micro adventure, I also like to be out early on such trips.

  10. You beat me to it Clive, I had planned to go out tomorrow or Friday morning this week (as it turn out it will be Friday). I was up at silly O clock this morning and as I left the house the light was just cracking through. Look like you had fun anyway

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