All things are not equal…

Remember yesterday when I said all things being equal I’d crack the 100 miles this week. Well…

What happened was this, as you know I punctured my rear tyre on the way in yesterday, on the way home about a mile out I was belting (relative term, this is me after all) around the final island which is at the bottom of the last downhill stretch when “BANG!!!” a total rear tyre blow out, tube and tyre shredded, luckily I didn’t come off and managed to stay upright. So walk home it was.

I was due to coach the Bees Advanced Player Development Group last night so I didn’t have the chance to fix the wheel, anyway I needed to get a new tyre. I only have semi slicks and off road MTB tyres hanging up in the garage.

On the way to Solihull I passed a Halfords store so I thought it was a good opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and save a trip out on Sunday to get a new tyre. A bad mistake. I am now full of lustful thoughts and yearnings I know I will not be able to fulfil. I got my new tyre, but on display was the Boardman Pro Carbon Road Bike . A thing of stunning beauty dripping with jewellery that just craved to be mine! I want it! No! I need it!

But, as with the School Babe you know that she is out of your league and you have absolutely no chance with her and you’re reduced to worshipping her from afar. Now where’s my credit card?

Onto matters blogging. Just so you don’t think I’ve been abducted by aliens or crushed under the Number 62 bus I punched last week in a revenge attack on me, I won’t be posting anything over the weekend. I’m off to my folks in Wales for a late Christmas and they haven’t got the interweb thingy. And I’m pretty sure Tywyn doesn’t have an internet Cafe.

So, have a crushingly good weekend and see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!

Oh nearly forgot, 3Ibs lost this week and under 19 stones for the first time since God knows when!


14 responses to “All things are not equal…

  1. Congratulations on breaking the 19st barrier and stop looking lustfully at those other models in the showroom otherwise you might find that your current ride does more than blow a tyre on you next week. Have a good break

  2. LOL! Cheers mate. πŸ™‚

  3. Well done mate on the weight!Boardman Carbon Road…. Elegant isn't it!!!Shame its shitfords that put it together.Also shame your in Twywn this weekend and not next – we could have met up.

  4. Elegant? It's a thing of wondrous beauty and I'm smitten! I've been in few Halfords and you're right, they are normally staffed by folks who aren't necessarily that interested in bikes. But the lads at Halfords Solihull all seemed very knowledgable, keen on bikes, all pedalled and were totally enthusiastic about their subject. I wouldn't have a problem buying off them at that store. All academic though, as I'll never have the funds. I think you've got the wrong Tywyn mate, stick LL36 0DU into Google maps, that's where I'm going.I've already had a nose at your blog and am intrigued by the countdown. Looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

  5. Have a good weekend…..You could take the mountain bike πŸ™‚ and ride up some mountains :-)I wouldn't waste my money at Halfrauds! And I would be wary at buying a carbon bike. They are built for weight and speed not longevity and comfort.I broke quite a few spokes when I was heavier than I am now! If you desire a road bike I would suggest Alloy as a starter…..with the best spec chainset in your grasp…..

  6. JB,If I was to do as you suggest and bugger off on my bike I'd never hear the end of it. For reasons I won't bore you with I haven't seen my folks for over a year so I need to play the game and stay "visited".Like I said, it's all academic. No dosh! Although I do fancy a handbuilt Ti framed Burls that James has over on the 22 stone cyclist… πŸ˜‰

  7. I'm not overly sure on the Boardman. I'm sure it would be a real top notch bike if it only had a different badge on it. Sadly the reputation of Halfords puts me off. Can't think of any other sub Β£1k carbon bikes with that sort of spec' though!

  8. Brilliant on the weight, I put on a few lbs last week, not happy. Off out tomorrow to try and shift a little of it. That Carbon is a niiice bike, agreed, but there's an aversion to handing over cash to Halfrauds among actual cyclists isn't there?

  9. I'm going to commit herecy here Phil. But I consider myself a Rugby person who pedals a bit. So the Halfords thing isn't that big a deal for me. I do use my local bike shops mostly though only because I trust their expertise and knowledge. If it suits I will go to Halfords with absolutely no qualms about it though.I think it's a bit trendy isn't it? You know like IT people hating Microsoft OS' and preferring Linux etc. Or MACs over PCs. All part and parcel of the group identity.A bit like Rugby people generally hating the RFU. It doesn't count for much in the grand scheme of things for me.

  10. Hi Clive,I have followed your blog for while, got the link through Johns blog.I thought I would comment on this post as I have had a Boardman Team Carbon 09 bike for the last 12 months. You are correct that it drips with lots of nice kit and you will not find a better spec on new bike for anything like the price of the Boardman.I was a tad nervous buying from Halfords but had no problems, and if the guys in the shop appear to know what they are talking about then it should not be an issue. Also just because you buy it from Halfords does not mean you can't take it to a LBS if you need anything done to it. Although the bike is only sold by halfords, it is not made by them, indeed both the boardman road and mountain bikes have been winning awards all over the place recently.I rode Duncansby Head to Lands End last year in 10 days on it and had no issues with sitting in the saddle all day. The carbon frame is stiffer but it also absorbs a lot more of the 'bumps' in the road making for a smoother ride. All the ironman triathletes I know ride a carbon frame without any comfort or mechanical issues – training and racing for a 112 mile bike leg requires a lot of time in the saddle. Not all of them are lightweights either!The only issue I had with the bike is the saddle which is rubbish, but may well be fine for a man.The most important thing to remember is to get a bike that fits correctly. In all though I love the bike and have had a great year of riding on it. If you have any other questions, give me a shout.

  11. Hi Clive,sorry forgot to ad congrats on the weightloss

  12. Hi Maz, nice to meet you and thanks for the comments, I'll certainly keep it mind for when (if) wifey releases funds!As for saddles, I'm a Brooks saddles man, have been since I was a kid and I use them on my MTB and commuter. The Brooks B17 I use while very old school and not as light as modern offerings would certainly be an addition to any new bike I was able to buy.Oh, and thanks for the congrats! πŸ™‚

  13. Well done for losing the weight mate! The boardman is nice and they are pretty good spec for the money, though last time I looked at their MTB range I felt they'd compromised in a few places (the sort of places people are less likely to look). I too was looking at a new road bike today but I won't be as crass as to tell you what it was., did something slip out then πŸ˜‰

  14. Well done Clive not checked in for a few weeks looks to be going well, keep up the cycling its obviously working. I'm doing fairly well myself now just by cutting out crisps and chocolate I've also started playing badminton and been able to get out on the bike now the snow has cleared.Safe Riding Unfitguy

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