Tuesday blues…

Now most people I know hate Mondays, not me. Tuesdays are my bete noire, I’ve always rationalised it like this. As Friday is half a day at work and half a day working from home my weekend (for me) officially starts on Thursday evening as Friday is such a short day in it doesn’t count. Then because I’m still cruising on Mondays because of the weekend, I never really notice Mondays and they don’t count. Tuesdays are when my “week” starts. And I hate them. This Tuesday is no exception, low bio-rhythms again, a lack of enthusiasm for the battle ahead and a complete unwillingness to get my lazy arse out of bed. The pedal in was again a slog that just needed to be defeated.

Like last night I pedalled the City Centre route as I wasn’t chancing the cut as I didn’t want a repeat of Dancing on Ice like yesterday morning. And I wasn’t prepared to deploy a life jacket in case of total immersion. My water wings are big enough already thank you very much.

Last night’s pedal went ok too, I broke the hour home again, although there was grid lock from virtually the Priory Road all the way through Selly Oak to the Outer Circle traffic lights. It didn’t hold me up obviously but it must have been very very slow to move as all the cars and buses I passed I never saw again. Let’s hear it for the bike!

I just want to be back down the canal though. Peace and quiet, no traffic apart from the odd Iped and it does wonders for my morale. This road riding thing is killing me.

Here’s an assassination attempt from last week which Joby was good enough to put up on his Fight Bad Driving website.

Edit: My Radio interview for BBC 5 Live here. About 17 minutes 20 seconds in.


5 responses to “Tuesday blues…

  1. I cant wait for the summer!

  2. Why is it that everyone except me seems to be quicker than Manchester busses. I only ever get to pass the things when they pull in at a stop.

  3. I don't know about Manchester buses Red, but I only overtake Brum Buses at stops and traffic jams too.

  4. Red – because you cycle off road to work – LOL :)John Berry – spring will do for me :)Clive… Slogging is horrible, but if you get through them, then thats an achievement in itself – so well done for continuing with it!

  5. That bus was alarming! Get the footage over to the bus company! There needs to be the equivilent of small claims court for bad driving when video evidence is available ;)Great radio slot. As a fellow 5'8" fatty and a follower from the start I guess that makes me one of the kindred spirits you mention. That's lovely. Makes me want to reach out and hug you :)Keep it up big fella, because the lady is right, if you do fall of the wagon we will come after you.

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