Hatches battened down, drawbridge raised, moat dug…

Well, that’s what it feels like here anyway. We managed to get out yesterday morning to get the shop in. The shop assistants all told us that people were “stocking up” (read panic buying) in anticipation of the weather to come. The good news was that first up the Council refilled the salt bin at the end of Crescent so me and a couple of my neighbours gritted the steep sloping road that leads out of the Crescent so we all could get out!

So shop done I had a pretty busy day at work (working from home). Without boring you all too much, my job always gets busier when there’s a cold snap as National Grid and most of the other Utility Companies all use our kit, so quite naturally when the weather kicks off they get busy and consequently we do to.

All of my Rugby has been postponed as has the Coaching Conference tomorrow at Kidderminster. A bit peeved about that as it promised to be very good with some first class presenters booked. I hope they reschedule it rather than just forget it. But with the RFU you can never tell. Unfortunately they as an organisation do not impress me. They still operate like amateurs even though they’ve been fully pro for 15 years now. The Old School Blazer mentality still holds sway. Will Carling nailed it back in the day with his “57 Old Farts” comment. So a weekend in with the family, but I’ll get in Tigers v Wasps on Sky this afternoon. 

This weather thing is really starting to get on my wick, I cannot plan a pedal in on Monday as I don’t know what the kids schools will be doing, whether I will have to take them to school as wifey can’t drive in these conditions or even if we will be able to get out at all. Bugger.

I now know exactly what the lyrics to “In the bleak mid winter” meant.


3 responses to “Hatches battened down, drawbridge raised, moat dug…

  1. I know the feeling about a pedal… I start work again on Monday…Don't know what the score is with nursery so am having to play it by ear :(Also, my missus got the car stuck this morning getting out of the car park – had to rope in two chaps to help me get her out of a stuck situation – LOL.

  2. Why did it post as editor?

  3. Wifey refuses to drive in it anymore, she always crashes…

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