Global warming?

You want snow? This is snow.

The photo above was taken from my front door at about 2100hrs last night. Needless to say I’m typing this from home today as I won’t risk the bike in conditions like this and the car won’t get out my road as it’s quite a steep slope, the neighbour’s Landcruiser has just slid down the slope after a valiant attempt to get to work. The main road at the top is eerily quiet too. So it seems most people are saying sod it, I’m staying at home. Like me!

The downside is obviously no pedal, but sometimes you just have to bow to the inevitable and accept that Mother Nature is a bit more powerful than you. No sense getting all wound up over stuff you can’t control is there?

I’m struggling to log into the work system too, which is a bit of a concern, so there might be a bit of catching up later when the IT trolls finally bowl up at HQ and sort it out. That’s if they show up of course! 

So snowman building with the kids it is!

Our attempt finished at about 1040hrs.


6 responses to “Global warming?

  1. My roads like that too (as are most sideroads). I'm off the bike at the moment so i'm having to drive everywhere. I'm hating driving but thankfully the main roads are now reasonably clear.

  2. I'm now debating with she who must be obeyed as to whether we should bimble a mile down the lane to try and retrieve her car which she abandoned yesterday afternoon. Bless her, she's not too great at driving in poor conditions.

  3. Perhaps time for you to invest in a turbo/rollers and a real bike :-)BTW I thought you had a mountain bike? aren't they geared up for….um….mountains :-)BTW the other day you were asking about music and video effects…..without spending anything at all download MS MovieMaker 2.6…its freaa and easy to use

  4. I took the Mountain bike in today, and it was great on the powdered snow, though much harder with the knobbly tyres. Back to the 4300Commuter tomorrow with any luck…Chin up Clive, a days rest cant do too much harm…

  5. @ JB, I had to stay home because the kids schools were shut. The road conditions were probably one of my many "why I can't pedal" excuses. As for a road bike, I'd love one, can't fund it though. And as for a turbo or rollers, been there done that, hated it. I was bored senseless after 5 minutes even with music and DVDs. I need to be outside doing it for real.@ Phil, I'm trying not to use my MTB on the road for the commute, I know how hard commuting treats bikes. My poor Ridgeback is definately worse for wear.

  6. Not really snow that… more like a light covering of sleet

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