A bit tired today…

The blast home last night along the cut went ok, as did the ride up into Northfield. But then I had a bus pull out on me in Northfield High Street, he was that close to me I punched the bus pretty hard with my fist, (actually hurt my hand) the passengers all jumped up in shock, but the driver carried blissfully on totally unaware of what he had just done. I didn’t get a chance to get reg or a number. Roll on the Muvi deployment.

I had to do a coach assessment last night for new Coaching candidates for the School of Rugby. We had 3 applicants, 2 weren’t what we were after but we’ve decided to take 1 on a trial to see if he comes up to scratch. I’m not looking forward to calling my mate later, he was one of the ones who were unsuccessful, which is a bloody shame as he worked really hard and wanted it so much too. He’ll be getting a thorough debrief so hopefully he can address the problem areas and re-apply next year.

It’s been a busy week, my legs are a bit leaden this morning and I’m hoping the ride home goes better than the ride in. I’m sat here typing this feeling pretty drained. I’m not pedalling tomorrow but will look to do an off road ride on Saturday.

Oh, and I still need to replace my broken pump, probably do that tomorrow after work.

3 responses to “A bit tired today…

  1. Good on you for punching the bus! Should have caught up and boarded then thrown your bike at him.Of course – I jest.

  2. Joby you make me laff. If you ever find yourself in court with one of your many "what I'd like to do" stories being used against you, please feel free to call upon me as a character witness. I'll tell them it's all in your head.

  3. Lovely Rafe – thanks for that :O)

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